2015 Chevy Colorado Already On Big Backorder In Canada

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Canadians are crazy for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. So much so that at least 400 people who wanted one will just have to wait ‘til next year while GM scrambles to stamp out more trucks.


Reader “spdy_irish” says he ordered a 2015 Colorado from Park Lane Chevrolet in Sarnia, Ontario and was told to expect an eight to 12 week waiting period because demand was so high. After five weeks, the dealership apparently called him to say “projected production wouldn’t meet demand” and he’d have to wait to place an order again for a 2016 truck.

Naturally we asked GM about this who confirmed that indeed; “The Canadian dealers group has approximately 400 Colorado/Canyon orders that we are unable to produce as 2015MY truck.”

Obviously, they tried to get as many trucks made as they could, you can sell something you didn’t build, but they still came up short to satisfy demand north of the border.

Chevy’s trying to make good on existing orders by offering to make the disappointed customers trucks as-spec’d as 2016MY vehicles early in the build schedule at the 2015MY price they were originally quoted on.

So if you’re one of these Canadians waiting on a Colorado, there’s potential to get a slightly better deal... if you’re willing to wait at least “a couple months time.”


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It doesn’t take rocket appliances to figure out, it’s the only updated small truck on the market.