2014 Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet: The Drop Top Hot Hatch That Isn't For America

A 2-litre four-cylinder with 265 horsepower taking you to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds in an open-top VW Golf. That's what you can expect from the 2014 Golf R Cabriolet. And a nanny limiting it to 155, but that still doesn't keep it from being the fastest roofless Golf ever. Oh, it also won't be coming to America.

Insert sad Charlie Brown song here.

If you know the Golf R, then you know the Cabrio version. It has a sporty front bumper with a gloss-black grille and mirror casings, black-painted brake and "R" logos everywhere. But here's the most important part: It has LED daytime running lights with bi-xenon headlights in black housings. The rear diffuser is gloss black as well, while the taillights got smoked, and not just by the two chrome exhausts. The wheels are 18 or 19 inch silver or black alloys while the car rides an inch closer to the ground thanks to the R suspension.


The big difference is the missing roof. The cloth top (no folding hardtop nonsense here) folds down in a rocket quick 9.5 seconds. That's damn fast. Not that it matters to us here in the US.

The Golf R Cabriolet will cost almost twice as much as the entry-level open-top Golf with the 1.2 TSI engine. But that doesn't really matter if you can't buy it.


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