We've seen a slow tease of the Range Rover Sport, with two photos taken by a guy at a tint shop as well as a couple leaking out earlier today. Welp, here's the whole thing. Not too shabby lookin.


We now have a much sleeker body than the previous generation, with the same exaggerated headlamps as the new Range Rover and a number of design cues taken straight from the Evoque. I think it's handsome.

The new aluminum skin should also shave weight, much like it did on the new Range Rover. Weigh savings might not be as aggressive, but I still expect it to be a good chunk lighter. It should still have amazing off-road abilities, which means it'll be able to climb the ramp to the parking garage at the mall with the greatest of ease.

We've now seen everything except the interior. Expect to see that soon, probably.


We'll be seeing the ride in the flesh tonight.


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