2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Deemed 'Moose Worthy'

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The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee has passed the speed-swerve "Moose Test" hosted by the Swedes at Teknikens Värld with flying colors. This is good news, even if you don't have moose in your neighborhood— upgraded emergency handling is a big step for the SUV.


The evaluation involves hustling a vehicle through a quick course-correction designed to simulate the sudden appearance of one of those walking road blocks terrorizing the streets of Sweden.

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Anyone who's driven in Arctic Circle territory knows moose are no joke. On a bus from Kirua to Nikkaluokta I remember stopping twice to for the buggers... the 40-passenger Volvo I was in would have failed this test for sure.

The outgoing 2012 Grand Cherokee did not fare well in the Moose Test. Scary enough to make you spill your lingonberries, and that's without a Thule rack overladen with ski gear and sweaters.


But this time around, the new bodystyle 2014 stayed planted and even earned such praise from testers as "a good result for a SUV vehicle, no doubt about that."

Evaluators cited improvements to the Jeep's traction control as it's biggest ticket to success, claiming it activated much earlier to scrub speed more effectively than it had in the previous model. The upper limit of the 2014 Grand Cherokee was placed at 44.1 MPH through The Moose Test.


Hat tip to Mattias Rabe!

Images: Teknikens Värld, AP

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Same test as theoretical 2034 used car, with the dynamic system off?

moose wins.