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Hyundai's award-winning Genesis sedan continues building upon its segment leadership position with the arrival of the 2014 model. Part of this segment leadership is the highest initial quality in the midsize premium car segment, awarded by the 2013 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS).


Leveraging the capabilities of the Blue Link telematics platform added for 2013, Hyundai's Assurance Connected Care telematics services are standard for three years on all 2014 Genesis sedans equipped with Blue Link. This innovative ownership program provides Hyundai owners with proactive safety and car care services via Hyundai Blue Link, including Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Vehicle Diagnostic Alert, Monthly Vehicle Health Report and in-vehicle Car Care maintenance scheduling.

2014 Genesis Highlights
  • Hyundai Assurance Connected Care telematics services standard for three years via the available Hyundai Blue Link telematics platform
  • Safety and Car Care features standard on all models equipped with Blue Link
    • Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance
    • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
    • Car Care: Monthly Vehicle Health Report, Maintenance Alert, Automatic Diagnostics Trouble Code Notification, Recall Advisor and in-vehicle Car Care maintenance scheduling
  • Standard 18-inch alloy wheels for Genesis 3.8 model
  • Heated steering wheel added exclusively to 5.0 R-Spec model
  • More efficient electro-hydraulic power steering with enhanced feel (3.8 model)
  • New Santiago Silver exterior color replaces Platinum Metallic

Genesis offers an optional eight-inch Driver Information System (DIS) display with navigation and an enhanced multi-media controller. This display features a simple user interface, integrating the same rotating dial with a new joystick function, enhanced voice recognition commands and navigation screens. Dedicated navigation keys also allow optimal control over the operating system. The system uses a 64GB solid-state drive, which allows music, image and video storage.

A simple pop-up message appears to help pair a phone and the voice recognition software understands street addresses and cities all in one sentence. The route screen displays speed limits, details the next three maneuvers, shows real highway signage and has junction views with lane guidance. Lane guidance outlines the lane or lanes the driver needs to stay in when a highway splits. Junction view uses street and actual road sign images to match what the driver will see when arriving at the next maneuver.

Hyundai's telematics services program, Assurance Connected Care, is standard for three years on all 2014 Genesis sedans equipped with Blue Link. This innovative ownership program provides Hyundai owners with proactive safety and car care services via the Hyundai Blue Link telematics system. These services include Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Automatic Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification, Monthly Vehicle Health Report and in-vehicle Car Care maintenance scheduling.

Hyundai also recently introduced an all-new mobile application for the Blue Link telematics platform. This mobile app allows subscribers to remotely access various optional Blue Link features and services through compatible mobile devices. Completely redesigned, the app has been significantly enhanced from the previous version and boasts a new user experience, faster navigation and innovative new features. Google Android and Apple iOS users can download the app today from Google Play or Apple iTunes, respectively. A BlackBerry version is also available.


Blue Link is an innovative telematics solution that brings seamless connectivity for safety, service and infotainment capabilities and is offered in three packages: Assurance, Essentials and Guidance.


Blue Link Assurance package:


  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and Assistance – Provides assistance when an accident occurs and an airbag is deployed. In this event, an ACN signal, containing customer and location information, will automatically be transmitted to the response center. Upon receipt of the signal, a response specialist will attempt to establish voice communications with the vehicle occupants and forward any pertinent information to emergency services.
  • SOS Emergency Assistance - Customers request emergency assistance by pressing the dedicated SOS button in the vehicle. This action transmits vehicle information and location to specially-trained response specialists, who assist in coordinating the dispatch of appropriate emergency assistance to the customer. The response specialist will remain on the line with the customer until advised assistance has arrived.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance - Enables customers to utilize their Hyundai Assurance 24/7 Roadside Assistance via a single in-vehicle button-press. With Blue Link, vehicle information (including location) is automatically transmitted to a response center, enabling the specialist to dispatch assistance more quickly and efficiently for vehicle assistance and retrieval.

Car Care:

  • Maintenance Alert - Notifies customers in the vehicle as well as via website, email or SMS message that an upcoming service is due leading up to the service date.
  • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification - Provides explanation and repair assistance using vehicle data and off-board diagnosis capabilities to better inform the customer of vehicle diagnostic alerts. A combination of in-vehicle display alerts and guided voice messages provides customers with additional instructions (information is also sent to the customer's preferred dealer to assist with the diagnostic process).
  • Recall Advisor - Provides all pertinent recall information should a recall be initiated.
  • Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Web Vehicle Diagnostics - Provides a report of vehicle diagnostics and other important information in a monthly email report and web page update, starting 30 days after registering with the Blue Link service.
  • Service Link - Connects to a Blue Link agent to schedule a service appointment. For non-maintenance appointments, a recording of the request will be sent to the preferred dealer in advance of the service appointment to help them prepare for the service visit.

Blue Link Essentials package:

Remote Access:

  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock - Enables locking or unlocking vehicle doors via smartphone application, owner's website, or a toll-free number.
  • Remote Horn and Lights - Enables activating the horn and/or lights via smartphone application, owner's website, or a toll-free number.
  • Remote Vehicle Start - Enables customers to start the vehicle via smartphone application, owner's website, or a toll-free number for vehicles equipped with push-button start and either automatic or dual-clutch transmissions.
  • Car Finder - (Exclusively available via mobile app). Allows you to find your vehicle on a map if you are within a 1-mile radius of your vehicle and to save your vehicle's location for future reference.

Vehicle Safeguard:

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery - In the event a customer's vehicle is reported stolen (and a stolen vehicle report has been filed with the appropriate police department), the response center can provide assistance to the police in an attempt to recover the vehicle.
  • Stolen Vehicle Slowdown - Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this enables law enforcement to gradually reduce the engine power of the vehicle, thus slowing it down to safe levels. A warning will be transmitted to the driver prior to the slowdown procedure.
  • Vehicle Immobilization - Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this enables law enforcement to send a signal to the vehicle which immobilizes the engine management system, thus preventing startup. This capability is only valid when the ignition is off, but the command can be saved by the Engine Control Unit for later immobilization if the vehicle is on or in motion at the time of signal transmission.
  • Alarm Notification - Notifies customers when and where the vehicle alert is activated via a text message, email or an automated phone call.
  • Panic Notification - Notifies customers when the panic button on their vehicle key fob has been activated, signifying when a family member or other vehicle occupant may be in danger. Notifications are configured online and transmitted via email or phone call.
  • Valet Alert - Enables alert via email, text message or automated phone message when the customer's vehicle moves beyond a prescribed distance threshold after leaving the vehicle with the valet.
  • Geo-Fence - Enables monitoring vehicle movement in and out of pre-defined regions configured on the owner's website. When the vehicle enters or leaves a designated region, the customer is notified by email, text message or automated phone message.
  • Speed Alert - Notifies the customer via email, text message or automated phone message when their vehicle exceeds the specified speed threshold established on the owner's website. This provides high value for parents of teen drivers and small fleet customers.
  • Curfew Alert - Notifies owners if the vehicle is being used outside a pre-determined time interval. Alerts are configured online and sent via email, text message and/or automated phone message.

Blue Link Guidance package:

  • TBT (Turn-by-turn) Navigation Service – Provides turn-by-turn navigation guidance for downloaded Points of Interest. Both visual and audio guidance is provided for vehicles without factory navigation.
  • POI Search by advanced voice recognition system and by Web and download - Enables Point-of-Interest in-vehicle searches using an automated voice system. Results can be downloaded to the vehicle navigation system. Live operators can provide additional support, if needed. POI search by Web and mobile app enables sending destinations to vehicle for automatic download after starting the vehicle.
  • Daily Route Guidance with Traffic Condition - Enables customers to pre-define several routes to a common destination and receive regularly-scheduled traffic alerts for traffic delays along those routes. Results include flow and incident data, along with "Fastest Route" recommendation if applicable.
  • Traffic - Provides traffic information surrounding the customer's vehicle and in the nearby area, based on preferences established using the owner's website.
  • Gas Station Locations and Gas Prices - Locates the nearest gas stations by price and provides brand and regular unleaded fuel price. Results are played back via automated voice and can be downloaded to the vehicle's navigation system.
  • Eco-Coach - Monitors the customer's driving performance habits (MPG and CO2 emissions) on a continual and historical basis. Results and environmentally responsible driving recommendations are provided on the owner's website.
  • Restaurant Ratings - Provides restaurant ratings for local restaurants with address download for turn-by-turn navigation or onboard navigation.
  • Weather - Provides weather forecasts for the immediate area or for customer-defined locations within the owner's website.

More details regarding Hyundai Blue Link are available at

The heart of the Genesis 5.0 R-Spec is the 5.0-liter Tau V8 engine producing 429 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 376 lb. ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm. The Tau V8 engine family has been named to the prestigious Ward's Ten Best Engines list three times.


This engine features a high-pressure direct injection system (over 2,200 psi) that dramatically increases power and torque while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The Tau's high 11.5:1 compression ratio increases thermal efficiency and output. The Tau also has a rigid bed plate for improved block rigidity and lower NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness), as well as camshaft carriers and a roller timing chain to improve valvetrain stability

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5.0-liter Direct Injection Tau V8engine

Even more, this V8 offers Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), a tuned variable induction system, and low-friction coatings on piston skirts, rings and tappets. Even with this impressive power, fuel economy is an EPA-estimated 15 mpg city and 23 mpg highway.


The Tau 5.0-liter V8 is mated to an in-house-developed eight-speed automatic transmission. This Hyundai-developed transmission offers enhanced acceleration, shifting smoothness, and transmission efficiency. All eight-speed transmissions will include SHIFTRONIC® manual shift capability.

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Hyundai-developed eight-speed automatic transmission

In keeping with Hyundai engineering philosophy, the R-Spec also includes more aggressive chassis tuning, matching its corresponding powertrain enhancements for optimal dynamic balance. For enhanced body roll control, rear stabilizer bars are hollow in design and diameter is 19 mm. The R-Spec offers a unique sport design 19-inch alloy wheel with premium machined finish. The R-Spec steering calibration has been matched to this unique wheel combination for optimized performance and driving refinement expectations in this segment. To complete the performance package, front brake rotors are an impressive 13.6 inches in diameter.


The R-Spec offers unique headlights with dark chrome inserts for a more distinctive front appearance. Further R-Spec designators can be found around the car's interior and exterior. An R-Spec badge on the rear lip and black R-Spec embroidered floor mats remind the driver of the performance waiting for them when they get behind the wheel, while the R-Spec steering wheel is now heated for the 2014 model. The Genesis R-Spec is only offered in sport-oriented exterior colors, including: Casablanca White, Caspian Black, Parisian Gray, and Santiago Silver, each with Black leather interior.

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In keeping with its 5.0-liter V8 sibling, the Genesis 3.8-liter Lambda engine also has direct-injection technology and produces 333 horsepower and 291 lb.-ft. of torque. It also has a high compression ratio of 11.5:1 for greater thermal efficiency. This direct-injected Lambda V6 produces a higher specific output (87.6 hp/liter) than its normally-aspirated premium luxury competitors.

Genesis 3.8-liter GDI Competitive Set


3.8-liter DI V6

Lexus GS350

3.5-liter V6

M-B E350

3.5-liter V6

Normally-aspirated V6 Specific Output (hp/liter)87.6

The 3.8-liter engine also has Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), variable induction, an all-aluminum block and heads, steel timing chain and iridium-tipped spark plugs. Besides the generous horsepower and torque gains, direct injection technology produces a significant reduction in emissions. Further, a variable vane oil pump fitted to precisely match oil pressure with engine lubrication requirements for increased efficiency at all engine speeds. In addition, all 3.8 models receive a new, more efficient electro-hydraulic power steering system, replacing the former hydraulic system, with enhanced steering feel and less parasitic drag on the entire powertrain. As a result, 3.8-liter direct-injection fuel economy is an EPA-estimated 18 mpg city and 27 mpg on the highway.

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3.8-liter Direct Injection Lambda V6engine

All 3.8-liter engines are coupled to the same eight-speed automatic transmission as the 5.0 R-Spec. These transmissions perfectly compliment the technology found in these engines, delivering improved efficiency and performance across the Genesis range.

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For 2014, the Genesis 3.8 receives a standard 18-inch alloy wheel, replacing the former standard 17-inch alloy wheel for a more premium appearance. From the front view, Genesis has an aggressive front fascia with large intake openings and LED lighting accents. In addition, the mirrors incorporate power-folding and puddle lamp functions, while the side window trim has a decidedly sporty brushed aluminum finish. From the rear view, one notices the dual asymmetrical exhaust tips cleanly integrated into the bumper fascia.


Maintaining Hyundai's emphasis on delivering leading safety technology, Genesis boasts world-class active and passive safety features to help both prevent accidents and maximize the safety of its occupants in the event of a collision. Genesis continues the Hyundai tradition of standardizing key life-saving safety technology with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), eight airbags and electronic active head restraints. Active front head restraints have been proven by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to help prevent whiplash.

Daytime running lights come standard on the 2014 Genesis. Further, Genesis offers a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), available on the 3.8 Technology package and the 5.0 R-Spec. Whenever the system is activated, a warning chime and dial-integrated warning light alert drivers of their lane departure, allowing them to reposition the car smoothly into the correct position.


Genesis' total of eight airbags includes advanced dual front airbags, front and outboard rear seat-mounted side-impact airbags, and roof-mounted side curtain airbags for both front and rear outboard seat occupants.

Genesis also offers a parking assistance system with eight ultrasonic sensors located on the front and rear bumpers. The sensors, along with the rear backup camera, help detect how close objects are when parking. Distance is indicated on the in-dash screen and accompanied by an audible warning tone.


Genesis is brought to a halt by large four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). Genesis 3.8 models have large 13.0-inch front rotors with four-piston fixed calipers, while the 5.0 R-Spec has larger 13.6-inch front rotors.

Source: Hyundai

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