Illustration for article titled 2014 Ford Taurus has more LEDs than kiddie Keds

Ford continues to churn out updates to its full-sized Ford Taurus, perhaps hoping GM will never produce another new Chevy Impala. Here's what appears to be the next-generation 2014 Ford Taurus in full camo.


Trying to discern the detailed design cues in this well-covered prototype is a lot like hoping to catch a breast in the fuzz of scrambled pre-digital cable channels. There's an outline, but not much that's going to encourage a vinegar stroke. What we can easily tell is the vehicle's profile is a meaningful departure from the staid current design.


For a detailed look, you're better off comparing it to the spy photos of the MKS. Looks like the Taurus will continue its fascination with LEDs.

You can't even buy the 2013 Ford Taurus and, if this first spy photo is any guide, maybe you shouldn't. A new one can only be a year or two away.

Photo Credit: Keith McCallum

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