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2013 Audi R8: This Is It And It Is Beautiful

Illustration for article titled 2013 Audi R8: This Is It And It Is Beautiful

Audi just revealed the new look for their sexy flagship 2014 Audi R8 supercar. While only a refresh, the company has managed to render into metal the best of Ingolstadt's new design language. God, it's beautiful. Just look at it.


Look at it until it destroys you. What do you think? Sound off in Kinja below.

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Irving Snapoversteer Washington

I should probably say something like, "To each his own," or "To my eye it looks very awkward."

But that would dishonestly present my feelings about this car. It's ugly. Not horrifically ugly. Not Gumpert ugly. But this thing is, as close as I think it can get to objectively, ugly. That is not a coherent design. No one had a vision of a mid-engined beauty and drew this. It's a sort of mid-engined blob that someone tried to "Audi-up" by overreliance on LCDs and in keeping with Audi's pathological need to have different looking front ends. Bangle should be asking the design team what makes it an Audi. I bet they're good and prepared with an answer! Different is good when it's better. Different for different's sake is insecure. Which brings me to the side blades. The Worst Automotive Design Element of the 21st Century. There's still time, but they are the leader in the clubhouse.

Oh, and you're all wrong.