2013 Acura TL: The Keyless Access Special Edition

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Acura's Special Editions department has announced this new version of the TL that's just gone on sale. It's, um, special because of its wheels that are different. It also has a new badge, though there's no indication about the exuberance of the font on the badge.


What this special edition is about, though, is its "key feature upgrades," according to Acura. Specifically, the Keyless Access System that's standard on this model. Yeah, that's keyless access that's been available on lots of TLs, Acuras, Hondas, you name it for years and years. Systems with keys that we're big fans of at Jalopnik (Not.) But look at the level of detail about the system in the press release!

The TL Special Edition's standard Keyless Access System lets the driver enter and drive the car without having to handle a key or fob. The Keyless Access Remote has a unique digital identity that is automatically communicated to the car; the driver simply pulls one of the front door handles while the remote in his/her possession and the door unlocks and opens. When carrying the fob (or if all doors are unlocked), the trunk can be opened by pressing a button located on the TL Special Edition's rear spoiler.

The system identifies which of the two supplied fobs is in use each time the driver's door is opened (even if it is already unlocked), and then automatically sets the driver's seat, steering wheel, outside mirrors, climate control and audio system (including audio system presets) to a profile preset by the driver using that fob.

Once the driver has opened the door and is seated, the Keyless Access System allows the TL to be started with a push of the Engine Start/Stop button positioned on the instrument panel. When leaving the car, a press of the soft-touch button on the outside of the door handle locks all doors. Alternatively, a press of the Lock button on the Keyless Access Remote will also simultaneously lock all doors. The Keyless Access System will not allow the transmitter fob to be locked in the interior or the trunk of the TL.

Wow, I feel like I've accomplished something today by reading about keyless access. I guess the only thing Acura could say now is to see your dealer for more details. Because I'd really like to see if there are, in fact, more details.


More Power!!and also some brakes.

Like I have said a million times the 4G TL just simply needed to be the 3G with the 3.7 and available SH-AWD. Also plus keyless access I guess.