2012 Porsche Cayman Clubsport: Cayman, Added Bruce

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Rumor has it the Porsche Cayman Clubsport, a Boxster-Spyderesque version of Stuttgart's cheapest closed sports car, is on its way for 2012. Lexan rear window? Aluminum doors? You know you want it.


The rumormill is starting to rumble and clank and gear up: We've known for some time that a lighter, more focused version of the Porsche Cayman S (the base car is shown above) is on its way, but details are starting to slip out. Recent reports have the car resembling, in both specification and feel, Porsche's much-hailed Boxster Spyder.

According to a post on Porsche forum Planet-9.com, select Porsche sales managers and dealer representatives were recently shown a version of the Cayman Clubsport and briefed on model specifics. The car will reportedly be between 160 and 180 pounds lighter than a base Cayman S; it's tipped to receive aluminum doors, a Europe-only lightweight hatch and lexan rear window, and drivetrain and suspension tuning similar to what's found in the Boxster Spyder. The model is rumored to debut at the Los Angeles auto show this year and go on sale in 2011. Sounds like it's time to go pawn another kidney.



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