2012 Nissan GT-R: Godzilla Gets An Upgrade

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Leaks indicate the 2012 Nissan GT-R's getting slightly honed — lighter forged wheels, improved aerodynamics, LED running lights, new colors, small interior upgrades, and apparently a bump in power.

The only sure number we know is the GT-R's coefficient of drag (Cd) will drop from 0.272 to 0.268. Combined with a rear downforce improvement of 10% thanks to a redesigned rear diffuser and you've got a slicker Sony-like supercar. Unfortunately, it still looks like a beat-up bag of hammers.


But we don't care how it looks — we'd still take one, preferably along with some kind of Konami code for infinite lives. [GTRBlog]

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Ok, so I'm sort of a Nissan apologist. Stay with me on this one, I normally don't have long posts but grant me one here. I don't mind the styling of the GTR, I don't think it's a "beat up bag of hammers". It's no Aston or Alfa but I think it's looks are serviceable.

I'm just glad that ONE of the big 3 Japanese houses is actually attempting to make elite sports cars for people like us. They've certainly not done everything right. The car isn't near perfect, but my biggest argument in Nissan's favor is comparing their current offers to Honda and Toyota and I'm certain that their lineup has taken a more enthusiast-driven tone than the other two.

Even if you compare their premium brands, it's clear to me that Infiniti makes the most desirable cars for car people, especially with the (admittedly underwhelming) first offering from IPL. Go back and read the review of the M that was on here a few months ago...it was well stocked with superlatives regarding performance, feel, good design and luxury.

I guess I just think that Nissan is actually trying to move in the right direction while Honda and Toyota have more or less completely abandoned making cars for people like us.