Last week we showed you a clear front shot of what could be the 2012 MINI Cooper, or i-MegaCity. Today, behold the may-be-Mini showing off its profile and new rump. UDPATE: It's a fake!

The R60 platform-based 2012 MINI Cooper borrows heavily from the MINI Crossman Concept in the styling department, which should also transcend to the production MINI Crossman. The jumbo shrimp 2012 MINI will grow in size from the outgoing model and will likely mature in the power department, as well. While details are somewhat slim at this point in the game, we like what we see and could possibly even overlook the lack of a gimmicky clam shell hood.


We're expecting to see a concept version of the R60-based 2012 MINI Cooper some time next year, while the production MINI Crossman will likely be shown this fall. Given the source of this info we're still treating it with skepticism.

UPDATE: Our skepticism has been rewarded as it turns out, according to the company, these are totally bogus.

[via vinceburlap]