Though recently leaked patent renderings for the 2010 Mazda MX-5 reveal a fairly conservative refresh, designers and engineers are working on a radical change for the next all-new version of the Miata. In an interview with Autocar, Lauren Van den Acker, design boss for Mazda, comes right out and says the next all new Miata is going to make waves. Apparently the company is in a hot debate at the moment over the direction of the iconic roadster, but one thing is certain: Mazda intends to push the envelope. The fourth generation MX-5 is expected to show its face in around 2012, but what will that face look like? Van den Acker hints the design is actually moving towards an application of the Nagare design language as seen on the Mazda Kazamai concept they've been showing lately. As one of the worlds few remaining compact roadsters, legions of Miataphiles will be eager to see just how the sweeping lines and flowing curves of Nagare will attach to the shape of their little corner carver. []