2012 Camaro To Get "LFX" V6 Engine

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The new 2012 Camaro may get a brand-new V6. Coded the "LFX", we're told it'll provide "significant improvement" on the LLT V6 found in the LS and LT Camaros. CadillacForums even claims it may hit 325-330HP. (H/t to Jason!) [Camaro5]

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So in 06' pontiac had the GTO.

It weighed 3700 lbs,

had a 6.0 liter v8

put out 400 hp and maxed out at around 20 MPG

Now 6 years later, chevy has the camaro,

It weighs 3700-3850 lbs depending on trim level,

puts out a max of about 400 hp, has the same transmission, and the v8 gets about 24 MPG.

The two cars are based on the same chassis, but the GTO has more rear seat room and more trunk space..

(has anyone seen the trunk on a new camaro? You literally cannot get a milk crate through the hole, and even if you could, there wouldnt be enough height to close the lid)

Why exactly does anyone even want a camaro, and why didnt anybody buy the GTO?

Not everyone liked the styling cues of the GTO, I will admit, but I think that was because it was compared to the original car, instead of taking it for what it was.

But you park an '06 GTo next to a new camaro, no one in their right mind would take the chevy.

In 6 years GM has succeeded in essentially improving their fuel economy by 4 MPG, and increasing the weight by 150 lbs, the future indeed.