Illustration for article titled 2011 Shelby GT350: One Pudgy New Mustang

It may seem like sacrilege to ask this but, does the Shelby name mean anything anymore? The 2011 GT350 seems like a 'Stang with a supercharger and a chubby body kit. Considering the upgrade's $34K asking price, color us unexcited.

We'd normally lay down rose petals ahead of Carroll Shelby's storied boots any day of the week, but this latest "special" edition 500 HP Mustang isn't exactly lighting our pants on fire, especially considering the price. At $33,995 for the upgrade, the GT350 45th's anniversary car is a helluva lot of cheese to ask for a body kit, wheels, a supercharger, Baer brakes, a Borla exhaust and Ford Racing suspension bits. The stock Mustang ain't no joke in it's own right so charging double the price for some extra doo-dads is an awfully tall order.


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