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2011 Ram Runner: A Raptor Fighter You Can Buy

Illustration for article titled 2011 Ram Runner: A Raptor Fighter You Can Buy

The success of the Ford Raptor's sent GM and Chrysler searching for a competitor based on their top-selling trucks. First out of the gate is the Ram Runner, shown on the show floor appropriately dirty.


Rather than offering a factory-built, showroom ready truck, the Ram brand is offering a kit based on the concept that debuted last year. For $3,000 (on the top of the cost of a 1500) the Stage 1 Pre-Runner kit adds base level suspension upgrades. For approximately $13,000 you'll get the full kit. The upgraded exhaust, crazy fiberglass front/rear fenders and modified bumper will cost you even more.


So if you're a Mopar lover who wants to shame the Raptor your options are a $20K upgrade or one of those stickers of Calvin peeing on an SVT logo.

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Half the Wheels - Twice the Fun

Why do I get the feeling the dirt was sprayed on by an intern?