It looks like the 2011 Infiniti QX is taking a page from the Ford Flex/Kia Soul/Nissan Cube's squared-off playbook. Are those fake fender vents or Dub "22" badges? Another shot below.

[gallery 5356372]Based on the Nissan Titan, the current QX56 drives more like a pickup truck than the latest generation of good-handling SUVs. Expect this new model to ditch the 5.6-liter 315 HP V8 in favor of the new 5.0-liter, 390 HP unit from the Infiniti FX50 and be built atop the 7th generation Japanese Domestic Market Nissan Safari platform. Rather than aping other manufacturers that have beat it to bringing the squared-off styling archetype to market, the styling is actually an adaptation of the Nissan Terranaut concept. Sadly, we don't think Infiniti will be carrying that model's interior science lab through to production. [via SpeedSportLife]