2011 Infiniti M Hits The Streets

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Following our spy photos of the 2011 Infiniti M56 are some live shots of the M56 and M37 on the prowl.

Though certainly more drivable than the foam model that debuted at Pebble Beach, it's almost certainly heavier. [Straightline]


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@McLawdog: That's funny; I'm with you with Audi being tops in the looks department, but I've liked a lot of Nissan/Infiniti's recent stuff has done...enough to put them in at least the top five.

Sure, they make mistakes (Versa, Sentra, Murano) but they've had some gems too, IMO: the Z, the G35/37, FX, Maxima, etc. This M improves on the old, stale M with lots of cues from the Essence concept. Without a doubt I believe Infiniti has the best looking model line of the three japanese luxobrands. Nice dash evolution, too.