2011 Ford Super Duty Engine Mule Shows Off Replacement To Stroking?

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Yes, we know that looks like a current F-350 Super Duty, but clearly we've been told it's not. Why else would we spend money on buying these photos? Is it because we're gullible and will believe anything Brenda Priddy tells us to believe. Perhaps. Or perhaps it's because we believe what she's telling us — that picture is actually the 2011 Ford Super Duty engine under all that 2008 Super Dutifulness. The engine, supposedly called the "Scorpion," is a 6.7-liter V8 diesel designed to replace the current 6.4-liter V8 Power Stroke built by Navistar. Although we're under the impression Ford sunk a lot of cash into the development of the Power Stroke first seen in the 2008 model, it's kind of a necessity to navigate away from Navistar considering the legally-challenged ties that bind the two companies to the F-ing hip. And hey, we're also told to expect the next-generation Super Duty to get a six-speed auto tranny so they can compete with the new hotness from both Dodge and the General. Want to know more? Read the rest from Spymaster Priddy below. Want to see the mule a bit more closely? Check out what little you can see here.

First Raptor, now Scorpion! Ford knows how to pick the coolest names for its future truck programs.

But while it's tough to camouflage the purpose-built nature of Ford's upcoming F-150 'Raptor' desert runner, don't let the subtle looks of the F-350 Super Duty mule in this picture fool you. Reliable sources tell us that what's under the hood of this pickup is much more important to Ford. It's the all new, Ford designed 'Scorpion' 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine that will replace the current Navistar supplied 6.4-liter V8 Power Stroke by 2011.

How important? Diesels make up almost 80% of Super Duty sales. And the move is expected to permanently end Ford's longtime use of Navistar built diesel engines in its heavy duty pickups, due to an ongoing legal battle between the two companies over warranty and cost issues related to the old 6.0-liter V8 Power Stroke (model years 2003 to 2007). Ford has used Navistar diesels in its F-Series trucks since 1982.

Hard to believe but from the looks of this mule, the Super Duty may grow a bit bigger than the current truck to accommodate the larger displacement Scorpion diesel. Its raised hood is taller across almost its entire width and it has an overbite, hanging slightly over the current model's big chrome grille. Our sources tell us the Scorpion-powered Super Duty will also receive a new 6-speed automatic transmission, to directly compete with General Motors' and Chrysler's 6-speed heavy duty trucks.

PhotoCredit: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company


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Right, like there's going to be any diesel left on the planet in 2011.