2011 Ford Focus: Small Car, Big Promise

Still heavily disguised as a current-generation Euro-spec Focus, the set-for-unveil-next-year 2011 Ford Focus is the first single-platform global car from Ford. You should thank whichever deity you're partial to, because this better-in-Euro econobox is actually coming Stateside.

The current generation American Focus rivals the Chrysler Sebring in its inadequacy as a vehicle, but it does come with SYNC and a serviceable interior, which appears to have been enough to dupe Americans into buying it. In contrast, the Euro Focus looks, drives and feels like an Audi.


Like the Ford Fiesta, the third generation Focus will continue American Ford's policy of actually selling good cars by importing them from Europe. It's currently unclear which engines, transmissions and body styles (ooh, a convertible!) will be offered in which countries, but maybe if we whine loud enough we could actually see a diesel engine/manual transmission option arrive in the land of the free and the home of ever less mediocre cars. [via Next Autos]

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