Just as the "Fiesta Movement" kicks off, we've received spy photos of the US-spec 2011 Ford Fiesta courtesy of eagle-eyed Jalopnik reader Brian. What we see? The 'merican version has gotten a bit of rhinoplasty.


The little sedan was spotted way north in upper Michigan undergoing cold weather testing with a very heavy layer of camouflage as a topcoat. Despite the camo, the distinctly Fiesta shape and details are unmistakable, that quarter window ahead of the doors and the LED tail lights give it away. What differs from the Euro-spec Fiesta we've seen before is a much more open grille with a lower opening that looks more like the US Focus than the Euro one. Aside from that, things look pretty similar. A peek inside reveals an interior which thankfully looks the same as the Euro model, there's even a five speed manual in this car. If things pan out as they seem to be, it's going to be weird to have a compact car from a US automaker which doesn't feel like a bottom-shelf, CAFE-mandated afterthought. (Hat tip to Brian on the photos!)