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2011 Chevy Beat Goes On, Caught Testing

Illustration for article titled 2011 Chevy Beat Goes On, Caught Testing

Despite a dire need by the General for more small cars here in the United States, we won't be getting the Chevy Beat (we're still unsure why that particular GM decision makes sense). That's not stopping GM from building it for other markets as these first shots from NextAutos of Chevy's new musical micro-car show. Full details below the jump.


The car-snapping shooters who picked up the shots of the Beat claim design of the production Beat is very close to the concept, but Chevrolet added a pair of rear doors to make it easier to get in and out in the back seat. We're also told the engine range may still be unknown, but claim the new 1.2-liter S-TEC II with chain-driven 16 valve DOHC valvetrain and variable intake geometry will be one option. Another option will be the choice of automatic or manual gearbox. Head on over to NextAutos for the full show. [NextAutos]

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Same here. It's easily the best of the three, among an Element clone... sigh.

And why adding another two doors? Hell, eliminate the back row of seats, move the front seats back a tad, and you've fixed some of the frontal crash problems. A small two-seater car for college students, and you're golden.