Illustration for article titled 2011 Chevrolet Tacuma Minivan Spied Testing, Hunting Down Soccer Practice

We just got our hands on a set of photos of the 2011 Chevrolet Tacuma minivan, the would-be and should-be replacement for the Chevy Uplander, testing in Europe. The quick shutters at AutoScoop caught not one, but two of the minivans in full camouflage. As reported, this family hauler should be based on the Delta platform, which also underpins the Chevy Volt and Chevy Cruze. What will this new GM minivan be like?
Similar in proportions to the Mazda5, this minivan will not be a reinterpretation of previous generations of GM minivans. Notice those rear doors? They look like they're hinged at the front. Rather than long and short, these two testers seem to follow the European model of a tall van with short overhangs. With murmurs this vehicle could be built alongside the Volt, are we looking at the first major hybrid-electric minivan?


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