2011 Challenger Gets New 305 HP V6

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Chrylser's replacing the anemic 250-hp Challenger V6 with the new Pentastar V6, which cranks out 305 hp — or as much as the nearly 400-lb-lighter Mustang V6 and seven shy of the also lighter Camaro V6. Behold, Chrysler's not-quite-one-upmanship. [Chrysler]


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Obviously the 250-hp V6 was not competitive, and at least on paper, the new one won't be either.

That said (pulls up soapbox), I grew up in the era when the 140-hp V6 was the expensive optional engine in most cars, and the V8 engines of the pony cars didn't put out too much more than that. It makes me sad that my uncle owns a late '80s Corvette with a 350 that puts out less power than any of the pony cars' V6 engines put out now. Yes, I love that there are high performance engines out there. There's also a part of me that feels like they should be a bit more exclusive, kind of like how awards given to children should be exclusive and based on merit.

When everyone is special, no one is, and when a soccer mom can buy a blandovision CrapUV with a hotter engine than the Corvette that my uncle bought new when I was a kid and has meticulously maintained, it makes me cry a bit inside.

Ok, I'm done now. It's not 1997 anymore and I'm not stuck driving a 100-horsepower 1986 Chrysler anymore. Bring on the power!!