2011 BMW M3: Tweaked Face, Start-Stop Tech, Competition Package

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Few refreshes are so refreshing as the one given to the 2011 BMW M3. The front lip is subtly improved, there's a new competition package and it's now got start-stop technology. Hey, at least it's not a hybrid, OK?


Squint your eyes and you can see the front lip adds some carbon fiber fangs and the headlights and kidneys appear, at least, to have perhaps the subtlest of reshappenings.


More importantly, the new competition ZHP coupe and sedan model adds a slightly lower, upgraded suspension, light 19-inch alloy wheels at the front, and a specially designed Sport mode matched to the new mods.

And because it's Europe and carbon emissions MUST BE REDUCED! there's also a start-stop feature tied into both the six-speed manual and M dual clutch transmission. This is said to reduce emissions by 8% or something. But when you're stomping down hard on that 420 HP V8 do you really care?

[via M3Post]

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Der Sportwagoner

Is it just me or did the 3 Series (especially the M) design language reach it's pinnacle in the previous gen? Especially from the rear, but really from anywere, the current car is on the decline style-wise.

It must suck to know that you've already reached the zenith of your own design language in the past and now you're forever on the down side of your own bell curve.