2011 BMW F10 5-Series Brochure Scan Leak

This scan from Bimmerpost appears to be the upcoming 2011 BMW 5-Series in a revealing leaked brochure scan, but could this image be more than meets the eye?


The image of a bumper leaked onto the good ol' intarweb a few months ago and has given plenty of people a chance to peak at its curvaceous lines, enough time for some to even create some pretty convincing photo fakes, but is the above image one of them?

We took the shot into Photoshop and played around a bit, initially thinking it was just a chop based off of the recently revealed 2009 BMW Concept 5-Series GT. The headlights look to be the same units as on the concept, but BMW has a way with revealing production details in the design of its show cars. The other bit that's gnawing at us is the ridge line at the leading edge of the hood - it's not there in the stand-alone bumper, but this could be because it's not attached to a car or because of a later design change.


We'll know at a later date if this the real 2011 BMW 5-Series, but we've guessed and questioned it enough to now feel confident in showing you. Make your own guesses in the comments below.

[via Bimmerpost]

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