Here's the first shot of the 2011 BMW 335is with the 322HP, 332lb-ft of torque (369lb-ft briefly with a neat-o overboost function) twin-turbo inline-six from the 335i. Why's there an M3 again?

The 0-to-60 MPH time drops to around 5 seconds it has us wondering why there's even an M3. Especially with the nose and tail appearing to get some minor, but very tasteful work.


But enough about BMW brand segmentation. Let's talk about this "overboost" thing. For starters, what is it? Well, It seems BMW is going to let drivers go a little bonkers with the boost, delaying actuation of the wastegate to let the engine build up a 47 lb-ft head of steam over normal conditions, in other words "Turbo Boost," Mr. Hoff.

In addition to the KITT feature, BMW's dropping a six speed manual or a seven speed paddle-shift automatic behind that glorious I6, putting the M-sport appearance package on the car, improving the cooling systems, new exhaust, and tweaking the headlights, front and rear fascia and putting new wheels on it. We like. [E90 Post]

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