2010 VW Polo GTI: A Rocket We'd Pocket If U.S. Dealers Could Stock It

Illustration for article titled 2010 VW Polo GTI: A Rocket Wed Pocket If U.S. Dealers Could Stock It

The Volkswagen Polo has been supercharged, turbocharged and now super-turbocharged with the 2010 Polo GTI and its 178 HP 1.4-liter twincharged four-cylinder engine.

You don't have to squint your eyes to see the family resemblance to the larger Golf GTI. Actually, you'll need to work pretty hard to not see the comparison. With the potent little mill, seven-speed DSG gearbox and XDS quasi-differential the Polo hits 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds and has a top speed of 142 MPH — not far off from the Golf itself.

Smaller, nimbler, cheaper and almost as quick. Why would we want anything else? Oh, they won't sell us one here in the United States. Nevermind.

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Ash78, voting early and often

There's no real reason for the TFSI here, it's more like the "tax evasion engine" for Europe.

For the US, they could just stick the standard 2.0t in it and you'd have something quicker and lighter than the GTI.