2010 Volvo S80: Euro Facelift Includes Turbo Diesel, Chrome

As we've come to expect from Swedish cars these days, the 2010 Volvo S80 is getting a chrome facelift rather than a complete redesign. But with a new, ultra-fuel-efficient twin-turbo diesel, that might be enough.


This new S80 isn't just about added chrome detail or increased fuel efficiency (up to 41 MPG combined), it's about driving. In addition to the standard model, a lowered, sports suspension package is now on offer while the most powerful diesel (still capable of returning 38 MPG) mages 310 Lb-Ft of torque.


This all sounds like an improvement to Volvo's flagship, but we still long for the days when an expensive Volvo meant more than a fancy Ford. [via WCF]

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