2010 Toyota Supra Super Speculation Scan Potential

Speculation is something that's never in short supply in the automotive business, an observation that seems doubly true in the case of the next gen Toyota Supra. First, the Toyota FT-HS was totally going to be it. Then someone tried to convince everyone the FT-HS was the next generation Toyota Celica or AE86. Most recently, a Toyota exec hinted that the FT-HS could be a vision for the "Toyota Supra of the future." Yeah, sure. Now everyone's favorite scanned Japanese automag, BestCar, has some renderings of a very FT-HS looking Supra. Grains of salt all around. One more scan below the jump.


This time we get the rear view which, JPCN points out, sadly differs from the attractive version of the concept. But this is all in someone's head... we think. Hey buddy, can you spare some speculation? [BestCar via Japanese Performance Car News]

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