2010 Toyota Prius Caught Semi-Silently Prowling Streets Of San Fran?

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Is it the 2010 Toyota Prius? Maybe. All we know is it looks to be either a test vehicle for the next-gen Prius or the worst application of after-market Prius accessories we've ever seen. Unfortunately we're not expecting solar panels until the 2011 Prius, so that doesn't help us. Nor do we see any Chinese-made "Made In The USA" stickers — of course that won't be slapped on the side either until 2011, so there's really nothing we can see to distinguish this Prius from the 2009 Toyota Prius in front of it. Well, except for the heavy white tape and plastic. Although we shouldn't complain about this Prius' looks. At least it's not killing anyone. (Hat tip to Cord!) [Mr. Ben @ Flickr]



Rob Emslie

Some day, in the not too distant future, Toyota is going to build a Prius so clean that the only things it spews from its exhaust pipe are flowers, cherubs and exultations of world harmony.

At the same time, immediately preceding its demise, Chrysler will build a car, likely a dual hemi V8-powered version of the challenger, available only in black, factory tubbed, and with an EPA fuel economy rating of 1 city, 2 highway and a radio-delete option, that signals the beginning of the apocalypse.

GM will issue a press release stating that they were prepared for the apocalypse, and in 8 months will have a version of the Volt that will run on compressed fire and brimstone, and seats a family of five. Initial estimates put it at $55,000 no, $75,000, no... $275,000!

Ford, caught off completely guard, will have an apocalypse-ready vehicle already in production in Europe, but won't be able to sell it in the states for 4 years. In the meantime, they issue a Four Horsemen special edition of the Mustang.