2009 Toyota Prius

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The manly men over at World Car Finns snagged themselves a closer set of shots of the 2009 Toyota Prius than the ones we showed you a few weeks ago. These new shots show in much greater detail the minor nature of the mid-cycle refresh of the world's number one super awesome hybrid, showing a grin that could make anyone smile as well as a new cut-line in the happy little hybrid's hood. We're a wee bit unimpressed at this point but we're sure the Prii fans of the world will embrace it as the next best thing since sliced bread. You know, as long as they're happy — right? We'll be happy when it's starting to look more like this.

[via World Car Fans]




It occurs to me that in a hybrid, since you can get so much torque out of the electric side of the equation, why not go with ultra small displacement extremely high revving highly multicylinder arrangements? At small displacements, higher revs are easier and safer for the engine to obtain, and generate huge power, just not much torque.

Look at a modern 600cc sportbike engine - 15000 rpms, well over 100 hp (but only 40-45 lbs\ft of torque) and generally will get in the upper 40s on mpg unless you're constantly flogging it. Use the electric motor to add the torque like in a mild hybrid and you could easily have some serious, high mpg, high revving hoonery.