2010 Ram SRT-10 Caught At The Track?

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What is this now? A blacked out new 2009 Dodge Ram with a manufacturers plate lurking around a Waterford Race Track in Michigan? Why it certainly is. Why would a truck already unveiled be all blacked out and at a race track? Perhaps it's the hi-po model. Oh how delightfully gossiptastic. We have very literally zero proof this is anything other than a run of the mill Ram, but we're going to throw it out that this may be the Ram SRT-10, maybe just the R/T, but it's being subjected to some laps around the track. True or not we're willing to start some rumors.


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Ash78, voting early and often

The coefficient of drag will be so bad, that when you arrive at your destination, you open the hood to let all the extra air whoosh out.