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2010 Mustang Gets Some Serious Wheel Weights, Too

Illustration for article titled 2010 Mustang Gets Some Serious Wheel Weights, Too

We're familiar with the Camaro brake weights issue, so when we saw tons of wheel-balancing weights on the Camaro Indy pace car, we thought it strange. Turns out the 2010 Mustang is just as bad.


Seems we stirred up the pot with our little observation and the guys over at Super Chevy got curious about the competition's car, so they went poking around some 2010 Mustangs and found an almost identical length of balancing weights. The conventional wisdom says if this much weight was needed, either someone doesn't know what they're doing or there's something wrong with the wheel or tire. We're starting to think these kinds of long strips will be getting more common as large wheels remain popular and lead wheel weights get phased out of usage after the California ban. (Hat Tip to Pres) [Super Chevy]

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Spencer Williams

I just checked out my 09 Mustang: no wheel weights. But, I have the little baby 17" rims on her, so maybe they are present on the larger, harder-to-balance tire and wheel combos.