2010 Mazda3 Concept Fully Revealed... As A Photoshop

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Remember yesterday's twin front and rear images of what we had assumed was the concept form for the 2010 Mazda3? Today we get nine full, high resolution walk-around photos of the handsome five door — and they're photoshopped. This amazing work was done by a chopper named Grif-1, and debuted on the Russian design site "Render." Grif-1 used 3D Studio Max and Photoshop CS3 to create a near-perfect execution of the Nagare design language, sprinkling in enough hints from previous concept cars it was easy to believe the car was real.


However, take a look in the high-resolution images at the LED tail lights and the detail in the grille. If that's not enough, come on, nobody builds a concept car with a reasonable sidewall ratio. Damned impressive work if you ask us; makes that BMW M1 Homage photoshop look like the work of a hobo. [Render (Translated) via Carscoop]


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Ash78, voting early and often

Way too aggressive for a simple commuter car. Compromises visibility and interior space in the name of style. Looks like it would make my shin bleed if I tried to inch past it. Plus, those headlights and taillights need to stretch around the car a little more.

Not really a bad design on its own, but doesn't say "Mazda3" to me at all.