We've spent months seeing the 2010 Lotus Eagle in get-ups ranging from an old Lotus Esprit mule to an homage to the caped crusader with makeup and heavy camo obscura. Now, thanks to a single image making its way onto the internet by way of Lotus, we're now finally get our first idea of the Eagle's real shape. The teaser shot hints at a surprisingly Elise-like hood and headlight treatment. Visible under the shroud of Lotus, the sharp fenders and slanted headlight treatment are clearly visible, as is the center hood spine over the front mounted radiator outlets.


While we already know what some of the suspension looked like, we're also able to see there might be some funky geometry going on with the roof, or it could just be folds in the fabric. Other than that? Well — there's those fog lights and rear view mirrors sticking out... and... umm... there's not much more to see. We guess we'll just have to wait for someone to leak all the other pictures the British Motor Show starting July 22nd. [Carnoise]

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