Ever since we saw the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe revealed live at the New York Auto Show, we've been keeping our eyes open for any of these potential Mustang-killers out testing in the wild. Now, thanks to one eagle-eyed forum fan-boy over at SoCalEuro, we've got this set of KGP-esque shots of the little-South-Korean-that-could rigorously running through the paces of a mini-mall parking lot spot in the land of movie stars and materialism.

The first thing that catches our eye, besides the missing fuel filler door, is the set of wheels on this car. Unlike the optional 19" rims worn by the show cars, these appear to be the 18" standard units. Maybe we're imagining things, but we think the split 5-spokes look a lot like flowers. Maybe we just need to see it in person. We'll also have to see if there will be any other optional rims, but if these do come as standard equipment, expect a lot of macho guys to throw on some aftermarket shoes — unless they're really into dainty feet. Hat Tip to karamkid! [SoCalEuro]