Further proving the Ford Taurus SHO is not just a dashboard option, these photos from BringBackTheSHO show what could be the next SHO testing in the wild. More photos below the jump.


Here's the report from BringBackTheSHO, who obtained the photos:

Today along I-75 in Michigan 2 black Tauruses were spotted at a gas station. Upon further investigation both cars had dual exhaust, a rear deck spoiler, and what looks to be 19" or bigger rims. The rear shot picture also shows a badge on the back trunk that is covered with camo. It seems the only thing that could fit under that area would be SHO! The bottom line is we will find for sure at the Chicago Auto Show Media days on Wednesday February 11. BringBacktheSHO will be there bringing you live news and pictures.


We can't be sure the new SHO, if it exists, will debut at the Chicago Auto Show or New York Auto Show. Either way, we assume the EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 will be under-the-hood, similar to the 2010 Lincoln MKS.

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