2010 Ford Taurus Revealed Because Of Those Darn Meddling Kids?

We were a bit surprised when pictures of the 2010 Ford Taurus were revealed exceptionally early. Almost as surprised as Ford was. Though things will sneak out every time from time to time once embargoed pictures or press releases get sent to the press or when mules and testers begin to hit the streets, this was a rare leak from what looks like the design studio. Anyone who has been invited into a design studio knows there are serious rules about bringing in cameras and unusually tight scrutiny. You know who'd probably escape scrutiny? An employee's child. You know when there are lots of children showing up around the Ford design studiots? "Take Your Child To Work Day."


Though no one is claiming that there is a direct connection between the two, Ford has apparently cancelled the "Take Your Child To Work Day" this year due to the leaks according to Brenda Priddy, spy photographer of the car stars. So our question is — why does Ford hate the children?

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