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Why these 2010 Ford Mustangs are sporting Monroney stickers is beyond us, perhaps they're looking for a little extra attention and want to use the mules as rolling advertisements, but hey, there it is, window sticker. Up front the lights have been slimmed down a bit with a new turn signal treatment and the bumper in the back gets some curves in favor of the current cars more geometric approach. We're not sure if the sticker is accurate, but the convertible is touting an EPA estimated 18 MPG combined cycle and a five star roll over crash rating. We're tempted to call these engineers a bunch of dorks for the window stickers, but that would kind of be like the pot calling the kettle black. Spy reportage below.

We snapped a couple more Mustang prototypes, showing more and more details. Among today's quarry was a blue V6 Coupe, a nicely badged-out V6 convertible, and a close-up of a monroney sticker (which have been attached to several of the latest Mustang prototypes.


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