Illustration for article titled 2010 Ford Mustang GT Sets Unofficial World Drift Record At 6285 Ft.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. likes to drift Mustangs, doing it for a living on the pro-drift circuit. Now he's looking to set the unofficial world record longest drift in a nearly stock 2010 Ford Mustang.


Maligned for its old-timey solid rear axle setup, the Mustang remains a favorite of oversteering hoons like Vaughn, and with 315 HP it's only a throttle blip away from tail-out super-happy-fun-time. This particular run for 0-60 magazine happened at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and trumped the previous 4137 foot record with a solid 6285 feet of driftage. The Guinness Book of World Records hasn't yet certified the attempt, but the video evidence should make the claim Bullitt-proof (hehe). Hopefully this kind of thing doesn't become the next measuring stick of performance like the Nurburgring or quarter mile times, as only tire manufacturers would be the true winners in such stunts. [0-60 Mag]

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