2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150: Who's The BOSS?

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Remember the 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 revealed last week in Chicago? We really should have popped the hood. Turns out the engine was a "BOSS" 6.2-liter V8 engine, and not the expected 5.4-liter V8.

Luckily, the boys over at Autoblog got a shot of the engine. Although even they didn't realize it was the 6.2-liter under the hood until Mike Levine over at PickupTrucks.com noticed it last night. Remember, this truck's only supposed to get a 5.4-liter V8.


Kudos to Levine for noticing Ford's pants down. Similar tip o' the hat to Drew Phillips at Autoblog for taking the shot.

[PickupTrucks, Autoblog]

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Ford still thinks it's a 5.4-

On the new F-150, there's a wealth of content complementing its unique appearance. The 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 is equipped with a 5.4-liter three-valve engine, which is rated up to 320 hp and 390 lb.-ft. of torque, and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with a sport-tuned exhaust. Top speed is 115 mph.

I think it's more likely they had the wrong manifold cover on...