2010 Ford Fusion Interior, Bow Down To The Mega Screen

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Looks like we've finally got interior photos of the 2010 Ford Fusion to go with the happy, smiley exterior. When the KGP photographers snuck up on the Fusion they noticed that, other than the general dash layout, the new Fusion is getting a gigantic LCD screen in the center stack with new air vents. Not surprisingly, the old-fashioned time-piece from the previous generation was ditched in order to maintain Ford's new SYNC-fueled tech frenzy. If you want to switch on the A/C you're going to have to reach lower now that the screen is taking up all that space. Spy report below the jump.


Ford Fusion Interior Pics
We caught a Ford Fusion prototype parked while the driver was having
lunch. This was the first time we have seen an interior free from its
camouflage, so we can finally discuss the interior changes in store
for the redesigned model. Ford will be retaining the overall dash
design from the current car, but the details are very different. The
facelifted Fusion gets a huge LCD screen in the middle of the center
stack, topped by new air vents. The current Fusion's analog clock has
been ditched, as the old-school timepiece would have clashed with the
new tech screen. The radio and HVAC switches have now moved lower on
the center stack, beneath the large screen.

The steering wheel appears to be a carryover item, but new gauge faces

are clearly part of the package.

Ford's cost-consciousness is very apparent in the Fusion's interior

redesign, as designers chose to put their money into content

upgrades. Style has taken a back seat to the technological substance

customers will interact with. With the success of the Sync system

for Ford, it may be money well spent for customer satisfaction. For

those looking for aesthetic advances, the Fusion facelift's interior

has little more to offer.


Rob Emslie

@rlj676: I'm wondering when OEM audio will phase out the CD players. Most everybody is putting some form of iPod/MP3 player connector or USB plug making CDs somewhat obsolete.

Of course, my wife still uses cassette tapes, so hope am I to talk.