2010 Dodge Journey SRT... Wait, What?

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We're thinking these images of a Dodge Journey wearing manufacturer plates, new rims and "SRT R/T" badging is an elaborate plan to fool us into thinking Chrysler has something... anything in the product development plan. Or just engineers being funny.

Our tipster Nick spotted this baby way up in the wilds of Saginaw, Michigan at a Best Buy. Yes, it's a Dodge Journey, the most forgettable vehicle in the history of Chrysler, but it's got some weird bits to it. This particular Journey wears unique aluminum wheels and a very bizarre combination of "SRT" and "R/T" badging, which we don't have to tell you normally exist in separate performance realms. This particular model's also labeled as all-wheel-drive, but who knows if that's accurate. So if you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next best thing in forgettable performance editions of Chrysler crossover cars, congratulations, here's some fodder for an irrelevant rumormill.


(Thanks for the pics Nick, hey, that rhymes, we're poets and we don't know it)