2010 Chevy Corvette To Herald Return Of Grand Sport?

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A commenter on CorvetteForum purporting to be Ken Fichtner of Billings, Montana-based Fichtner Chevrolet has spilled the beans on the 2010 Corvette offerings, revealing the return of the Corvette Grand Sport.


In a bizarre and unprovoked posting on CorvetteForum, someone operating under the name Ken Fichtner, owner and operator of Fichtner Chevrolet in Billings, Montana, has divulged the future product lineup for the Corvette brand, and it includes the return of one of our favorite Corvette designations, the Grand Sport.

Chevrolet will offer the 2010 in 6 models:

1YY07 Corvette Coupe
1YY67 Corvette Convertible
1YY87 Corvette Z06
1YY87 Corvette ZR1
1YG07 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe
1YG67 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

I haven't any other information on colors, trim, powertrain, packages, or options.

I will keep you updated as information is available.

This spill reveals not only a new model but an expanded 'Vette policy for GM, well, at least under now-shelved former CEO slick Rick Wagoner. We'll see if this new uber-badass Vette survives under the new GM head honcho Fritz Henderson. Should the program survive the Carpocalypse bonesaw, we can hardly wait for a paired-down, hash-marked, track-day all star. (Thanks for the tip Joe!) [Corvette Forum]



Make it all about power and no gadgets.

-No Nav

-No Radio

-No Power locks

-No Power windows

-No Onstar

-Heat is OK for those cold track mornings

-Naturally aspirated LS-9 Tuned to 600+ HP

-Side Pipes

-NO Chrome Wheels

-As little sound deadening as possible.

Come On GM, what do you have to lose? Tell congress to fuck themselves and go out in a blaze of glory.