We've seen the 2010 BMW Z4 testing all over Germany, including the Nürburgring where we saw it ripping up the track. Or at least ripping up a track as much as a plastic camo-ed car can. But now the new Z4's traded in the racing cleats for some dainty little city shoes, at least according to these up-close shots of the Bavarian cream-roadster cruising the streets of Munich.

Though there's still quite a few layers of camo on this tester, we're expecting the new Z4 to be quite the looker when it comes out, drawing styling cues from the CS Concept which should give it the new BMW family look we'll see in the upcoming 2009 BMW 7-Series. It actually doesn't seem so bad, at least not compared to the 2010 F3.
Hat Tip to Mark! (not me, different Mark) [248am.com]