Illustration for article titled 2010 BMW X1 Cute-UV Caught Covered With Nauseating Camo

Underneath the Bavarians' now signature swirly camo is the 2010 BMW X1. Expect most of the 1-Series' engine range to be available on the X1, connected to BMW's X-Drive AWD drivetrain — which should make it an able handler. Apparently, there are plenty of people BMW thinks want one, as production is expected to top 100,000 units at BMW's Leipzig factory.


The soft-roader based on the 1-Series is said to something of an upmarket Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4, you know, for hairdressers people that love the higher ride height of an SUV, but have no actual use for one. Pricing will probably start around $30,000. So, if you're looking to spend less money and look like even more of a tool, you may want to consider the alleged Mini-branded SUV that's said to share many of the X1's components.

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