2010 Audi RS5 May Kill Next-Gen RS4

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We've seen the 2010 Audi RS5 running around in camouflage ahead of a Frankfurt unveiling, but the next-gen Audi RS4's been conspicuously absent in development. For good reason. It's probably not coming.


Speaking anonymously at a recent press event, an Audi official let us known the future of the B8 generation RS4 is facing a steep opposition. The Audi A5 and S5 models have been such strong sellers the decision was made to use that car as the sub-supercar entry and allow the A4 to top out with the newly available supercharged V6 S4. This move is also influenced by the Carpocalypse in that heavy-duty super saloons are falling out of favor and Audi is re-positioning as a more responsible luxury brand, downsizing engines and relying more heavily on forced induction and direct injection. While the possible loss of a four-door super-sedan is a bit sad, a monstrously capable coupe should make up for it.


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Al Navarro

RS5 ist doppelganger of Ur-Quattro Sport Edition?

Could be. I've read in Europubs that they are thinking of commemorating some anniversary of the Ur-Q soon....