2010 Audi RS5: Geneva Comes Early This Year

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Ho ho ho! Look what the spy-photo Santa has left under the tree! Is that the 2011 Audi RS5? I think it is! Have you been a good little Internet? Would you like to see it? I bet you would!


The Geneva Auto Salon doesn't officially open until tomorrow, but these shots of the Audi stand recently appeared on Quattroholic. 4.2 liters, eight cylinders, 317 lb-ft, and 450 hp. Red, we like you.

(Yes, that's more power than the 4.2-liter Audi R8. Thank you for asking.)

[Quattroholic via Autogespot]

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Detroit Velvet Smooth

It comes in 6MT people calm the heck down and do some research first! geez! DSG isn't bad anyways but thats another battle for another day.