2009 Volvo XC60 Caught Testing In Beverly Hills, Totally Wearing Last Year's Camouflage

Jalopnik reader Sean caught the above picture of what appears to be the 2009 Volvo XC60 readying itself for its important debut in the now crossover-curious post-SUV market. Sean caught the XC60 right next to the Beverly Hills Hotel, and if the brand hopes to reach that US sales goal of 25,000, they're going to really have to do better than blacked-out and tape look. Seriously, with Acura all zebra stripes and the Lotus Eagle's awesome bat look, they're really going to need to step up and out of this fashion faux pas. Unfortunately, what the XC60 lacks in camo-clothing style, it also lacks in under-the-hood options.


According to Volvo, the XC60 will be offered in the US market with the turbocharged T6 V6 with no possibility of the turbodiesels that Europe is getting. One interesting feature is the "CitySafe" technology that stops the car before it hits another car at low speed, which should be an interesting way to stop low speed road rage. (Hat tip to Sean)

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