2009 Toyota Venza Spotted Cruising West Hollywood

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Autofiends stumbled upon this 2009 Toyota Venza crossover cruising for hookers testing in West Hollywood. Yep, it's still ugly and worthless, but you know Toyota is gonna sell boatloads of them, so we suppose they do have a legitimate reason for testing it. Why couldn't they have just made a normal Camry wagon like they used to? Enough with the crossovers. [Autofiends]


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Rob Emslie

Venza, venza, the West Hollywood traffic doth heed

A family car in a town without the need

Four doors and a hatch, with room for five

Unless you're seeking a gang-bang, it's not what to drive

It's ugly as sin

no fashion contest could it win

and yet drive it here they do indeed

Venza, venza, through Boys Town you cruise

For something from Dolce Gabbana you'd never be confused

While you wait at the light, glaring red

Not one person bothers turning his head

No one thinks you are hot

A new Beetle your not

This is truly a challenge you were destined to lose

Venza, venza, come to the suburbs

Where soccer moms drive SUVs and speak bad words

In search of that elusive quarry

a space which for their big lorry

Here you will find greater favor

And your size and proportions they will savor

Though fashion eludes you

and good taste precludes you

at least you won't smell of butsecks and flurds